Tuesday, 14 April 2009

14th April

I had a bit of a quiet one last one last night. I think most people had over exerted themselves on the bank holiday weekend so the agency was pretty quiet. Me and a few of the girls sat and watched 'Planet of the Apes' - it is so weird! That monkey lady so has a crush on the main guy, which is totally gross. Cross species! It wasn't my cup of tea.

Tonight was lovely though. A mature gentleman requested my comany for dinner, and that was really all he wanted. I think he's just lonely. We talked about travel mostly, all the places he's been and the places I want to go. I've heard of the full moon parties on the beach in Thailand; he hadn't experienced those but that's next on my list. If I can ever afford a month off, I'll hire a little beach hut with a friend or lover (preferably someone who is both) and laze the days away with a joint and a cocktail. Bliss.

Sorry, was drifting away for a minute there! I'll catch up with you when I'm a bit more focused...

Brooke x

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