Monday, 13 April 2009

13th April

I don't like bank holidays. All the shops are closed, and I really wanted to buy another new dress. It's a rule of mine to never wear the same outfit to the same place more than once. You might think it's hard to remember, but my brain works in such a way that I'm more likely to remember the dress I was wearing than the names of people I met, the weather, the conversation topics.... only downfall is I'm always repeating myself!

I had a brilliant weekend. I was meeting a guy on Friday night (let's call him John) in the bar at Claridge's. He called my agent 10 minutes before he was due to arrive to say he was running late & asked if I could wait for him. I didn't mind - as I perched at the bar, a glass of vintage Dom Perignon arrived in front of me courtesy of the distinguished gentleman across the room. I nodded my thanks to him & sipped away. I was one of the youngest people in there, and in my pillar box red strapless dress I stood out a little! I'd always prefer to be overdressed than underdressed in any situation; I can't think of anything worse than blending into the crowd.

When John (who turned out to be quite the silver fox) rolled up half an hour later, he was ever so apologetic and promised to make it up to me. We dined in the restaurant & retired to his suite before midnight. And boy, did he make up for it! You rarely come across a guy who is so selfless in bed - all he wanted to do was please me. I was begging for it by the time he finally climbed on top of me! In the morning, he told me he'd had such a great time that he asked if I'd stay with him for another night. I didn't usually do this, but he was such a gentleman that I agreed. He called a car for me so I could go home to get a change of clothes, & you should've seen what pulled up! This plush chauffeur driven Bentley with leather seats & all the extras. John obviously had some cash to burn.

Saturday night ran very similarly, except this time he had champagne sent up to the suite after dinner & we stayed up to watch 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' on DVD. It was all very 'Pretty Woman' - John wasn't quite as fit as Richard Gere and he didn't take me on a shopping spree (that scene is every girl's dream) but John definitely has Sugar Daddy potential!

By yesterday I was exhausted so I stayed home & pampered myself. You know the drill; face mask, exfoliate, paint nails etc. Bliss. And to top it all off, I had a chocolate Lindt bunny waiting for me! Thanks girls : )

Not sure who I'm meeting tonight so I'll fill you in tomorrow.

Be good,

Brooke x

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