Friday, 14 October 2011

Sexual Surrogate

I read an article this week about a qualified therapist who works as a sexual surrogate, and I can completely understand how she helps men with issues in the bedroom. She mostly deals with premature ejaculation, erectile disfunction and intimacy issues; the only problem is if clients become too attached to her, so boundaries have to be made clear. I don't have a great deal of training in Psychology, but it still feels so fulfilling when a man who lacks sexual confidence can discover his inner stud!

There are loads of different reasons why men hire escorts, but one of them is to combat shyness around women. If a guy can learn to relax around me (and other lovely escort ladies), maybe flirt a bit, he's much more likely to be able to approach other girls. I think my client last night was the perfect example of this, and seeing him grow more assured made me feel kind of proud of him :)

I suggested that we went back to the room after 2 drinks; as tempting as it is to drink shyness away, it doesn't make for a good fuck. I've had guys in the past who couldn't get it up because they were so drunk - seems like a waste of money when they've booked an evening with me! Anyway, he was sweet; looked at the floor and blushed a lot. I was gentle with him; I kissed him softly and stroked his body as I slowly pulled off his clothes, peeling mine away too. I put his hand on my waist, and another on my breast. From there he let his lust take over, and started to really kiss me back, even letting a moan escape from his lips as he pressed his erection against me.

We started with me on top, rocking my hips and grinding into him. As he got more eager, I laid down and let him climb over me, screwing me slowly in the lamp light. Watching him go, I'd never have guessed he was that shy guy just a couple of hours earlier. After he came, the confidence stayed and we chatted easily for over an hour. A great night overall!

Have a great weekend,

Brooke x

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