Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Hmmm, I think I overindulged this weekend. A girl like me has to be careful what she eats; I'm taken out to dinner so often, temptation is everywhere... luckily there's usually a pretty good 'work out' session to burn off a few calories afterwards! I used to go to the gym a lot more, but hard to find the time now, which means weekend like the last one are guilt inducing. I manage to keep hourglass shape at a comfortable 10 (UK size), but the main test for me is one of my favourite dress styles: the pencil dress. It's figure hugging all over - very unforgiving! I have to rock that look.

No biscuits with my tea this week ;)

Brooke x

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  1. haha....good luck :D but don't those biscuits just look so tempting :D