Monday, 10 October 2011

Object of Fantasy

I have a friend who has popped up in my dreams more than once recently. We're not particularly close; he's more like a friend of a friend, and a couple of years younger than me. I've always thought he was cute, but lately my mind keeps turning naughty when I think of him. It started off with a sexy dream, but last night I couldn't sleep; the only thing that seemed to keep my mind focused was fantasising about him.

I imagined we were in a club, and as he was walking past I pulled him into a corner. One look showed him exactly what I wanted: he kissed me there, fiercely and passionately. The great thing about fantasising is that it's much easier to find somewhere secluded than it is in real life! We were then round the back of the club, pressed up against a brick wall, hidden from sight. He turned my head to the side and kissed my neck, while I pulled his hips to press into me. I was already wet by the time his fingers found their way under my skirt, and his hard on throbbed as he rubbed me. I wanted all of him; I unzipped his jeans and took his cock in my hand, guiding it towards my pussy as he breathed hard into my neck. As he pushed into me I wrapped a leg around him, letting him thrust deep inside me.

Of course, I was touching myself throughout this fantasy. As I came in my fantasy, my real body shuddered with ecstasy, wishing I could have him inside me at that moment.

Maybe one day...

Brooke x

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