Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Sofa Sex

Ah, the flu bug strikes again! I was feeling alright on Friday night, but as soon as I woke up on Saturday I had all the symptoms; sore throat, headache, blocked up, chesty cough... that came on fast! Luckily my date wasn't an overnight booking; he had booked me for my 2 hour minimum and then extended for another 2. I left his place around midnight, though he was very eager for me to stay! Sometimes it's tempting to give them some time for free when you really like a client, but it's dangerous to blur the lines of your relationship - and it creates expectations on their part. First it's another hour free, then the rest of the night, then they're calling you on your days off... must be strict.

We had dinner at his place (ordered in), and I gave him the full on GFE. I sat with my legs wrapped round him as he laid back on me, watching a film on the sofa. While he talked about work and family and the pressure he's under I ran my fingers through his hair; after a while he decided that was enough serious talk and steered the conversation towards how sexy he found me instead. Always nice to hear! He started to trail his fingers up and down my legs, stroking the sheer nylon of my stockings. He became quiet and his breathing got heavier, so I knew he was ready to turn up the heat.

We didn't move from the sofa and left the film on in the background; he rolled over and kissed me there, grinding eagerly on top of me. Our clothes never came off completely; I undid his trousers and worked them down as he pushed up my dress. I wasn't wearing any underwear apart from my hold ups, which stayed on. When he was ready to push himself inside me, I resumed my position of my legs wrapped around him and pulled him in deep. We rocked there, hot and close, buried in the cushions. I hope many more winter nights are spent that way...

I'll be having some time off while I shake this bug now - it's not the biggest turn on!

Brooke x


  1. whenever you get sick, remember it's a medical fact that orgasm can help unstuff your nose, it's because sex does things like reduce inflammation and dilate blood vessels. Not that you need a good reason to have sex, but this adds to the benefits.