Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A Bum Date

I don't mean to mislead you but, despite the title of this blog post, I won't be discussing anal sex today! I had a date with a new client last night; it was alright, but I wouldn't call him one of my favourites. Unfortunately we got off to a bad start because I arrived 15 minutes late - I had let him know that I was slightly behind schedule and the traffic was heavy (always a pain to meet after work, rush hour!), but was met with a haughty city boy who insisted on moaning about it for some time rather than accept my apology. He did cheer up slightly when he actually saw me, so at least he wasn't disappointed.

I realised that although he was young, he had quite old fashioned values; very patriotic, slightly patronising. He also tipped our lovely waiter about 0.5% of the bill - pretty tight considering how full his pockets were...

Being not very turned on by the whole experience, I've decided that I'll get myself off in the shower later on this afternoon instead. That should bring you a much juicer post!

Brooke x

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  1. brooke u're so far away from the internet these days. miss your naughty bedtime stories. come back soon ^^