Monday, 25 July 2011

Third Time's a Charm

Now that's a good way to exhaust myself! I just met the one client this weekend, and thank goodness I didn't have another booking the next day - I spent most of it recovering in bed!

I dressed quite differently to my usual style for this date, but it seemed to have the desired effect. He's only seen me in dresses before and invited me to dress casually since we were staying in. I wore a tight t-shirt, tiny denim hot-pants and sexed it up with sky high black sandals. My legs looked long and tanned, and were silky smooth. The look on his face was priceless! We had a home cooked meal at his place, but decided to have a drink on the sofa before he started dinner (I do love a man who can cook).

Conversation came easily, and after one drink I could see him looking at me hungrily. I leaned over and kissed him, hooking my leg over his and leaning my body into him. He ran one hand long the curve of my waist and put the other behind my head to kiss me harder. Moving lower, he ran his hand along the length of my leg and back up again to squeeze my thigh. I pulled away and threw a cushion onto the floor, kneeling at his feet - slowly undoing his flies, I looked up at him with a mischievous smile. He pushed his trousers down and threw them aside, giving me space to pull his legs open and put my mouth there. I ran my tongue around his balls before running it from the base of his cock slowly up to the tip. He exhaled hard as I put my hot lips around it and took him deep into my mouth. Each time I pushed my head down, everything got hotter and wetter, and no doubt better. He was rock hard, so I stood up and pushed my hot-pants to the floor, discarding my t-shirt but keeping on the heels. I climbed onto his lap and lowered myself onto his cock, using his shoulders and my hips to rock myself up and down the length of him. I kept my legs wide open so he could grind really deep into me, and leaned forwards occasionally to push my breasts into his face. Without warning he grabbed my arse and stood up, wrapping my legs tightly around his back. With no wall for support, he lifted me just enough to thrust into me right there. So manly! From there was the perfect opportunity to fulfil the table fantasy, so I nodded my head in that direction and he carried me there, still inside me. He laid me on my back and stood at the table's edge, while I gripped it on either side of my hips. I arched my back to give him a good view, and couldn't stop the noise that came out of my mouth as he fucked me there. It was so hard! Hearing me climaxing and seeing my body shudder, he didn't need to hold back a minute longer; he pulled out and came across my breasts and my stomach. There was A LOT of come.

Bearing in mind that this was just the pre-dinner fuck, I think I may have to save the other two from that date for my next post, otherwise this will be a very long account! There's no chance of me forgetting that session any time soon, so look out for part 2 tomorrow...

Brooke x

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