Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Third Time's a Charm - Part 2

So. After that awesome session he got cooking and whipped me up a scrumptious Italian meal. We lingered for a while when we'd finished eating (there's no point attempting sexual aerobics on a full stomach), and eventually made our way to bed around midnight. He'd bought a sweet smelling massage oil and ordered me to strip off slowly and lie down on my front. He didn't have to ask me twice; I rested my head on folded arms and felt him carefully straddle me, positioning himself just below my arse. His big hands covered my back easily in just a few strokes, and the oil felt warm and stimulating. Before long I could feel him gently moving his pelvis as his hands moved up my back, brushing himself against my skin. He was already hard, and as he got more excited he started to push his cock more firmly against me. Arching my own pelvis in his direction, I eased my legs open just enough for him to slide his erection between my legs, feeling the wetness he had brought about. Each time he slid there he got closer to being inside my pussy, until he was working his way in inch by inch from behind. I could barely move - the weight of him on my back kept me there as he began to thrust. It wasn't until he was about to come that he released me and flipped me over to look at me as he pushed in again and again; with a shudder and a groan he collapsed on me, panting. Everything was warm and wet and deliciously messy. We fell asleep there in a tangle.

We were meant to leave around 9am, but ended up being a little bit late; I woke to him spooning me from behind and again stroking that curve of my waist and hip that he loves so much. Again, that familiar nudge pressed between my legs... he was ready, and rubbed my clit gently until I was ready too. I sleepily rocked with him as he slipped in and out of me, still with his fingers stroking me in just the right place. I moaned softly as I felt a long, gradual orgasm build up until it was full on and I shook against the curve of his body around me.

Now that's a wake up call.

Brooke x

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