Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Cheer Me Up?

Today is not such a good day. Doesn't it always seem like the more you earn, the more you spend? Of course it does. And thanks to this big nasty bill, I shall have to refrain from shoe shopping for the next week or three... how will I cope?! My beautiful pad is a financial drain, but I'm not living the dream just yet... not until I have a walk in wardrobe to rival SJP.

Why does a girl always want more?

Brooke x


  1. (Warning: spam post) To cheer you up:

    What did Batman say to Robin before he got into the car?
    "Robin, get into the car."

    Yes, I'm feeling retarded at the moment.

  2. Ahhh what can I say to cheer you up?

    You're a bit far away for me to be a client, but.. I enjoy your blog and appreciate the insight you give into your life....

    You make me smile, I hope I can do the same for you..


  3. Aren't you both lovely?! Thank you, I'm cheered up just by the fact that you're thinking of me. Sending kisses to both of you xxx

  4. Dear, look in the mirror at the beautiful woamn that you are and realise that YOU! are a truely amazing person who brings happiness into peoples lives. ♥ cheer up brooke.