Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Back from an Adventure

I can't believe it's been almost a week since my last post! Did you miss me terribly? I'm sorry for depriving you from my escapades - I've been away on a secret little adventure. Somehow I managed to convince a straight man and a gay man to both have a threesome together with me at the weekend, and it worked rather well! The straight one was a lot more liberal than I'd expected, and the gay one paid me as much attention as the guy; I think he enjoyed the competition to see who could suck him off better. He politely awarded us a tie, but I was the one whose mouth he came into... that's enough for me. We partied for the rest of the night until my memory became hazy from vodka. It must have been a heavy night because I'm only just starting to recover!

Last night I felt run down, but an early night doesn't always lead to sleep; the memories of two toned men over and around and under me got me feeling hot again. I pulled off my silk nightdress and let the cotton sheet rest against my skin; a sensation I know all too well let me know that these recollections wouldn't leave my head until I gave in and recreated that orgasm I'd had with them. I took out my quietest vibrator and switched it on under the covers - first I held the length of it against my whole pussy, then concentrated on my clit when it began to pulse. Within seconds I was breathing heavily, remembering their breath on my neck as we rolled on the rug. Feeling myself get close, I moved my fingers south and took the place of my vibrator, so I could slowly slide it inside. It must have only been inside me for three seconds before I started to climax, my body shuddering hard and my legs shaking. It was fast and hot, and exactly what I needed.

Looking forward to two hot dates later this week... until then I think I'll curl up and relax!

Brooke x


  1. really did miss your posts! *welcome back* your session with yourself pales in comparison to that seemingly sex-fueled escapade....do indulge more details! XD

  2. Nice to be back, Josephine! That's the only problem with being extremely drunk... the memories are a little vague! I remember heat, sweat, skin, groans, limbs... all good flashes though :)


  3. Just jealous... I know you had fun for the two of us so i am living vicariously through your blog posts.