Thursday, 5 May 2011

Turn the Lights Low

Being a high class escort, you have to keep your appearance practically perfect at all times. I usually take pride and pleasure in this, loving my nights of pampering and salon appointments. However, my love of wine and penchant for vodka can sometimes be a hindrance! After all the fun last weekend, I discovered multiple bruises, a cigarette burn and some grazes across my body that aren't the prettiest things to look at. I can't remember doing most of them! For my date last night, I tried my best to make my skin look gorgeous with shimmering moisturiser and bronzer, but some marks refused to be hidden. Luckily, my client only noticed one bruise on my arm, which he kissed gently and promptly forgot about. Phew!

To hide the burn and bruises on my legs, I wore classic black lace topped stockings with a vintage style seam running down the backs. I suggested to him that I kept these on with my black heels, and nothing else; unsurprisingly, he liked that idea. He tried to roll them down at one point after kissing all the way from my ankle to my thigh, but I guided his hands to my breasts and squeezed my hands there over his. It felt good to have him pressed warm against my body.

This weekend will bring even more fun - I can't wait. Hope your year is proving to be as exciting as mine!

Brooke x

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