Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A Naughty Habit

I'm back! I've had more than my fair share of weekends away lately, so I'm a happy girl. I did promise to tell you all about the appointment I had last week, and I don't mind recalling those memories one bit...

Back in town on business, this client had a room in his usual hotel. I can tell that he's a creature of habit; always the same wine, the same brand of cigarettes, the same haircut, and luckily for me, the same escort. He told me that he's tried a few other girls from agencies, but was never satisfied. He thinks you should stick to what you know, and he has known me intimately. On his request I had worn crotchless panties, which never completely came off - he loves pulling them aside, yanking and twisting them as he gets worked up.

He started slowly and gently, planting light kisses along my collar bone. His breath on my neck sent shivers down my spine, and as I exhaled heavily in the silence, he moved his lips lower. Peeling off my clothes as he moved along, his tongue eventually found my warm, wet pussy through the slit in the fabric of my knickers. If his own need wasn't so urgent, I'm sure he would have happily stayed there all night, massaging my clit in smooth circles. It felt delicious; by the time he climbed up and knelt over me, I was completely ready for him. He looked at me with that twinkle I told you about - a confident, satisfied and knowing look that makes me melt. I've only ever seen a few guys pull it off, and he is definitely one of them. He held my gaze as he pushed into me, the lace of my underwear now pressed up against him. He kept it slow and soft at first, then the thrusts got harder as my moans grew louder. Grinding into me, he filled me up with every inch of his solid cock inside me.

When he felt himself getting close, he stopped and pulled me round onto my knees to take me from behind. He took a moment to stroke my thighs, running his fingers just inside the edge of my panties. He readjusted them to give him full access, rubbed the tip of his cock along my pussy, then slid inside me again. This time it didn't take long for him to come; it sounded explosive, making him cry out in ecstasy. I must be good... ;-)

I had another self indulgent weekend with friends, and now back to London life. Hope you're all having a fabulous Tuesday,

Brooke x

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