Friday, 15 April 2011

Lingerie Fiend

This week has gone fast. It seems like only yesterday I was bathing in the sun... judging by the list of errands I haven't got round to completing this week, I may as well have been!

Wednesday night was quite fun, but I wasn't left as satisfied as I had hoped I'd be. Having felt particularly horny for the couple of days leading up to my booking, he must have sensed how much I wanted it. Unfortunately this got him a bit too excited. He was rock hard within seconds of me walking into the room in my black high heels; we didn't bother with any small talk - I just sat him down as I stripped off in front of him. I was planning to put one foot up on the chair and touch myself in front of him, before lowering myself onto him when I was nice and wet. He had other ideas though, and stood up to rub himself against the lace top of my stockings. I felt his body tense and his breath catch, then felt the warm spray of his cum across my thigh. I had probably been there about 5 minutes by this point. Luckily, although he was embarrassed, he didn't get cagey and ask me to leave; I managed to put him at ease and poured us a drink.

We chatted for an hour or so, and I had a couple more glasses of wine than I should have (nothing new there). With both of us fuelled by the alcohol, we decided to have another go. He ran his hands across my body, fascinated by every inch of lace and every strip of elastic. He climbed on top of me, but I could tell that he was concentrating on not coming too soon. He didn't allow himself to get lost in it, and kept his rhythm steady. It was pleasant, but no fireworks.

My client may not have satisfied all my urges this week, but I have ordered a new toy to play with... I'll try it out at the weekend and let you know how it feels!

Brooke x

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