Monday, 18 April 2011

Silly Girls

You can usually tell when a girl is new to the escort industry. Her profile may be full of false promises and fake measurements... We all know when she's a size 10/12 and 34C. There's nothing wrong with that. So why say she's a size 8 and 32DD? The photos tell a different story! And don't get me started on their ages... be honest! Sometimes, a couple of years experience is preferred. The only thing that will be achieved by fibbing on your profile is having disappointed clients when they meet you in the flesh. When I advertised online, I tried to keep it as honest as possible; not one door has been slammed in my face for not being the girl in the photos, or being 6 years older than they expected. These escort girls really don't do themselves any favours!

Rocking the 50s look today.

Brooke x

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