Thursday, 28 April 2011

Life is Good

Ahhh, this is turning out to be a great April. I've had my fair share of sun, sea and cocktails... what a lucky girl I am. I must admit that I enjoyed all the attention I got last weekend, and when my client was busy I caught up on reading and sunbathing. I also got to wear a cute array of nautical inspired outfits - very 50s pin up girl!

I've also been having some fun with my new toy to add to my modest collection of vibrators; I recently got rid of an old one so thought it only fair to get a new one. This one (called Bliss) is pretty and pink, and waterproof; too much water isn't good as it washes away your natural wetness, but having a warm shower on your back is wonderful. It's not the kind of shape you'd want to be rough with, but the curves pressed against my clit sent waves of pleasure through me. It's not a straight up phallic shape like most sex toys, but is a series of smooth bumps along the shaft. With the click of a button, I upped the intensity, then once more, until my whole body started to shake. It took me from zero to the big O in just a minute, and seemed to keep me up on the brink of climax for ages afterwards. It feels rigid, more rock hard than even I'm used to, but at the same time is deliciously smooth. I do believe I'm a fan.

I think I might take it along the next time I have a date; he could run it over my sensitive areas, switching the level of vibrations to keep me off guard. I'm sure it won't be long until its next outing...

I'll be away for another couple of days now, but don't forget me!

Brooke x

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