Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Finding a Good Lube

It can take you some time to find a good lubricant. In my experience, it's not something they tell you about in sex education; in my teenage years, I had only heard of KY Jelly and thought it was only used for extra naughty activities. Little did I know that there were hundreds of different types of lube to be discovered, and that they would become a regular feature in my sex life. A man can turn you on so much that you're dripping wet, but depending on how long you're going for, sometimes a little help is required.

In my worst experiences, I've had an allergic reaction that sent me running for a cold shower to ease the burn, and I've tried products that go sticky and dry within minutes. Rubbish. Recently, I've grown particularly fond of water based lubricants, like Sliquid H2O by Eden's Fantasy. It's smooth, lightweight and won't dry up any time soon. It feels natural, so you'd never know it wasn't me! It's unscented and hypoallergenic, meaning I won't make the same mistake as last time. Phew. Of course, it tastes different to my natural wetness, but there's no strong flavour. I tried this lubricant with one of my sex toys too, as its safe to use with rubber, plastic and latex. I don't see the point in inventing lubricants that aren't!

I'll let you know if I discover anything else good on this website - they've got absolutely loads. Must control my online shopping addiction!

Enjoy the sunshine,

Brooke x

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