Monday, 4 April 2011

Busy Lady!

The last week has been absolutely hectic. I'm so looking forward to having a break over the next couple of days! Trying to juggle clients, friends and family is never easy. Of course, Sunday was devoted to Mother dearest; I managed to pull some last minute strings and spoil her in person, which was lovely. I'm sure you'd rather hear about the events of last week though...

Thursday night was HOT. I've met this client before, and can't help but go a bit giggly and girly over his muscles. The fact that he can lift me up without groaning is a real turn on - it makes me feel so petite and feminine. It also seems to bring out an animalistic side of me; I know that I can be rough with him. We had a lot of fun in the bar, drinking wine like water and laughing about sexual escapades gone wrong. However, this wasn't going to be one of them. I was surprised at how gentlemanly he behaved, despite my brazenness. It was clear to anyone that I wanted him. In the short taxi ride back to his place, I ran my hand firmly up from his knee to his thigh, keeping my eyes on him the whole time. Inside, there was no small talk; we stripped each other with impressive speed and grabbed at each other like there was no time to lose. I ran my hands over his hard body, then down to his equally hard cock. Dropping to my knees, I knew that I couldn't stay down there for long - he was just as excited as I was. I just wanted a taste. After a few moments, he pulled me up and pressed me against the wall, lifting one of my legs around his waist. He slid his cock into my wet pussy, and as if he had read my mind, lifted me up to wrap the other leg round his back too. Each thrust hit the spot. I usually need to touch my clit to reach climax, but I was there in no time; I cried out as he pushed into me faster and faster. It was awesome. We drank even more wine after that, and fucked again on the floor. Double orgasm for me :)

On Friday, I had to go and meet a client on the worst hangover imaginable. I managed to make myself look good, but on the inside I wanted to die! The only compensation was that he was a spirits drinker; I think the sight and smell of wine would have tipped me over the edge. I sipped my vodka and cranberry slowly, using my body language to save having to make too much conversation. The client was polite, average looking and ever so slightly dull. Sometimes my enthusiasm for a man comes naturally, but of course, there are times when I need to make more of an effort. This was one of those times. Luckily, he was in no state to compete in bedroom aerobics; he preferred missionary and only required the occasional 'mmmm' to get him going. Phew.

Brooke x

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  1. lol......i read this while drinking my morning tea. imagine that.