Friday, 11 February 2011


Sorry I didn't get round to filling you in yesterday; my client extended his appointment, and by the time I got home he had completely worn me out! I've had a great night's sleep now though, so I'll tell you all about it.

We started off with a three course dinner. I'm quite glad that high class restaurants serve such small portions, as I couldn't do some of the things I do on a full stomach! He was on top form; I'm sure he was trying to get me to spit my wine out, as every time he said something hilarious I'd just taken a sip! Occasionally I slipped my foot out of my shoe and ran it up his leg, keeping eye contact the whole time; I wanted him to know that I was ready whenever he felt the urge. Both feeling a little tipsy and very horny, we skipped drinks at the bar and took a cab back to his.

This man isn't shy when it comes to expressing himself. He kissed me hard, taking handfuls of my hair in his fist as he pulled my head towards him. I pulled his shirt loose from his trousers and unbuckled his belt, pulling down his zip to feel his rock hard cock underneath fabric. Rubbing along his shaft with my hand, I freed myself from his grip and dropped to my knees. I yanked down his boxers and greedily ran my tongue along the length of him, before taking it as deep into my mouth as I could. I spent some time down there, licking his balls and sucking them ever so gently. He could feel himself getting close so he pulled me up and pushed me towards the bed, ordering me to strip completely naked. I happily obliged. He bend me over and licked my pussy from behind, and tasting how wet I was already, he bent over me and plunged into me hard. He spanked me between each thrust until my arse was completely pink, and hot to the touch. With his other hand, he pulled my head round by my hair, making me watch him with each slap.

Although it isn't immediately obvious that he works out, this guy's stamina is impressive; he's twenty years my senior and has just as much energy as me, if not more!

I'm having a quiet one tonight, perhaps having some private reminicing time...

Enjoy your weekend,

Brooke x

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