Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Ready for Action

I've got a date this evening, and I'm looking forward to satisfying some urges. Last night I dreamed about meeting a handsome new client; I took a limousine the short ride from my hotel to his, and there was something like a ball going on... I remember really wanting him but having to behave whilst the other guests were there - but then I woke up before things could really heat up. I tried to go back to sleep to finish off my sexy encounter, but I couldn't! How frustrating. There have been occasions when I've had the female equivalent to a wet dream; I'll be dreaming about something sexual, and wake up just at the moment I'm climaxing. My hand automatically shoots down between my legs to make sure I finish and don't stop mid-way through, and I'm left panting as my brain processes what's just happened. Does that happen to anyone else?

Tonight may not be a ball, but I still intend to dress up to the nines, before getting hot and heavy with my gentleman friend. This time it won't be in my sleep, and I certainly intend to get to the end. I haven't come for a few days, and I think an earth shattering release may be on the cards... Don't worry, I'll tell you all about it tomorrow ;)

Brooke x

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