Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Yikes. I'm okay, but had a bit of a traumatic experience this weekend. Usually I'm quite streetwise when I'm out; never leave my drink unattended, and make sure someone I know or a member of staff brings my drinks over if I don't buy them myself. However, my sensibility slips a little when I've already had a few - and in the Halloween spirit, I'd definitely had a few.

When I went to the ladies to touch up my make up, I asked my girlfriend to keep an eye on my drink. She was even more drunk than me, and when I came back she had gone outside for a smoke. I didn't think twice about it, and returned to my cocktail. I became a bit concerned when she hadn't come back more than 10 minutes later, but when I stood up to go and get her I felt really dizzy. My head spun, and it was like my eyes couldn't keep up with my surroundings. I sat back down immediately, and let myself sink into the leather sofa. My first thought was that I'd had way too much to drink; cocktails go down easily, and I hadn't eaten much that day. I didn't feel worried, just a bit confused. I was relaxed, and although I still knew I needed to find my friend, it slipped to the back of my mind as a wave of fatigue washed over me. I couldn't think straight; my brain kept scattering off in different directions and my eyes got heavy. I needed to lie down - the world was spinning too much and I didn't know what was happening. That's the last thing I remember clearly.

My friend and I got very lucky. We had been speaking to two guys earlier in the evening who were still at the bar; one of them had been talking to my friend outside when she became dizzy and unstable. The doorman wouldn't let her back in the club thinking she'd had too much to drink, but he stayed with her and called his friend who found me. If these guys had been dodgy, she and I would have ended up in a horrible situation. We still don't know how it happened or who it was, but something was definitely put in our drinks. I couldn't move from that sofa for quite a long time so he had to stay with me there, and my friend had to sit on the cold pavement nearby with the guy's jacket until she was half conscious.

The dosage must have been quite small because we came round in a couple of hours, feeling confused and overwhelmed. There's not much the Police can do; there's nothing on camera to catch who did it, and the bar was packed full of people in Halloween costumes and masks. It would be impossible to identify them.

We got quite freaked out on the way home; everything felt so surreal, and we were on the move before we had come completely back to reality. I'm embarrassed that people thought we were just wasted on drink or drugs, making assumptions about two dressed up girls who can't walk or hold their heads up; to be honest, I'd probably have thought the same thing. I doubt we stood out that much because so many people were trashed.

I can safely say that I've had my scariest ever Halloween.

Brooke x


  1. Sorry you had to endure this, but glad you two are okay, and definitely glad the guys you were talking with weren't dodgey and took the time to make sure you were both okay. Unfortunately, being dosed is still a very real thing that we all need to worry about. I've had my experiences... even landing myself in the hospital once (GHB is NOT fun... especially in near-deathly doses). I get being embarrassed... but better to be embarrasses than in a gutter some where.

  2. That is so scary! It's actually one of my biggest concerns when I go out and even when I'm at work. It happened to a girl I work with in my previous club. She went to the ladies, and when she came back her customer had slipped something in to her drink. She had the same effects like you, she felt dizzy and lazy but everyone thought she was drunk... It wasn't until the next day at work she told us what had happened. It totally freaked me out!