Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Just Close Your Eyes...

I had a fairly last minute booking last night and decided to go for it. I hadn't seen any clients since last week, and a cash injection into my shoe fund never goes amiss. It's been months since I last saw him; he only meets escorts as a special treat for himself and is careful not to make a habit out of it. He had booked himself into a plush hotel room despite living locally, and seemed pretty chuffed with his cuban cigars and malt whiskey; I imagine he was lost in some fantasy of self importance, which I was more than happy to indulge.

Although I didn't let it show, the old flame I'd seen earlier was still on my mind. He always had this power over me, making even the most strong willed girls do his bidding. I was his slave, and grateful for it. My client looked nothing like him facially, but he was a similar build; just over 6ft tall, set heavily with broad shoulders and thick forearms. I remember feeling so small and feminine whenever he wrapped those arms around me, and just one look could set me on fire.

I burned for him now. I playfully teased my client, letting myself pretend he was my ex love when I looked at him from the shoulders down. He will always be so firmly imprinted in my mind that I can recall the image of him in an instant; I can even see him with my eyes open if I want to, but of course it's easier when I close them. As soon as I thought of him, a rush of heat surged down through my body, making my pussy pulse at first and then throb for attention. I wanted to be tended to, and not gently.

There was no need to take it slow; my clients know I am not the kind of escort who leaves after 20 minutes - wham, bam, thank you ma'am. It doesn't matter if they come straight away: I will stick around and be irresistible for the duration.

My client was on top of me on the bed, covering my whole body with his frame. Someone claustrophobic might have objected, but I loved it. He pulled my hips up to his and pushed my legs apart, taking me roughly and suddenly. He groaned as he entered me, and my lips let out a gasp. I kept my eyes shut and wrapped my arms around his broad back, feeling the memory of my lover pumping hard into me. His hands gripped my waist, then my hips, then my shoulders... he wanted to be in every part of me. I angled myself so that he was rubbing against my clit with each thrust, and ripples started to shoot through my body like shock waves.

I declined a cigar afterwards, but watched him fondly after another job well done.

Brooke x

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