Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Blast from the Past

As I queued up for the cash point this morning, my heart leaped into my throat and I feared that if I opened my mouth, it might have escaped and laid there pulsing pathetically on the pavement. The man I'd once loved completely, in another town and another life 3 years ago, was standing just two people in front of me. I froze on the spot, trying to get a look at his face without him spotting me. He still wore the same long, tailored coat, but his hair was longer now. I've heard that he's still with the girl he went back to after me.

You'd think that after 3 years I'd be able to smile and say hello. I don't think of him often, and I moved on long ago - but I was scared of how my body might involuntarily react. I turned on my heel and walked up the street with my head down, not stopping until a cab pulled up.

There's no use having regrets. Any people who once touched my life have shaped me into who I am today, with hard times making me stronger and good times fuelling my optimism. Sure, there has been some shit to wade through, but I'm wealthy, I'm pretty, I'm healthy and I still have a lot of life to live. You can't ask for more than that.

Brooke x

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