Friday, 3 September 2010

Weddings All Round

This is quite terrifying. I'm getting to that age where my friends are starting to get married off... I'm far from being the last singleton left (I'm only mid 20s, don't panic), but it is slightly daunting having to face the fact that I'm well and truly a grown up now. Weddings used to be something that only happened to my parents friends or to distant relations; now it's my own friends, my own age group, the faces I've seen grow from pubescent awkwardness into confident adults.

I always used to joke about moving to London and marrying a millionaire. Even when I got here, that seemed like a future pipe dream, not something that would click into motion straight away. Now I actually do get wined and dined by some handsome millionaires, even ones who are looking to settle down and find a good woman... but do I woo them? No. I run a mile. If I meet them as an escort, I'm completely confident and will let them take me out as often as they like. But as myself, I slowly back off until I'm at a safe enough distance to tell the story of how much fun it was when I went out with that millionaire.

Please don't make me grow up. Don't let me get old. Who knows the way to the fountain of youth???

Brooke x

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