Monday, 6 September 2010

A Quiet Week

I'm planning to take it easy this week. Perhaps not as extreme as a detox, but certainly a bit of relaxation and healthy living. Purely because I know that next weekend is going to get messy (my body is a temple and all that)!

I don't have any bookings until later in the week. The first man to see me will be in for a treat, because I'm always much more enthusiastic after a week without sex! I could abstain from masturbation too... that would turn the heat up even more. When you start getting a bit of pent up sexual frustration, you find arousal in places you didn't before. Suddenly the rocking motion of a train or the rumble of a taxi engine can stir up familiar cravings. You begin to notice how many innocent objects look phallic shaped, and read more into words. Or is that just me?!

Brooke x

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