Wednesday, 11 August 2010


'Wow' is the only word that can describe last night. I had one of the most incredible fucks that I can remember, so ridiculously good... I felt criminal for taking his money, I should have paid him!

He told me he was in the mood for something a little naughty, so it's a good job I had my sluttiest heels with me. After kissing and touching, testing my wetness and his hardness, we made our way over to the wide window sill. Turning me round, he bent me over and I gripped the high edge firmly; I was only wearing the heels and a camisole pushed down over my breasts by this point. As he slid his cock into me, I realised how perfect this height and position was; it felt so good that neither of us could hide the victorious look on our faces. I twisted my body to look at him over my shoulder, still pushing my buttocks into his pelvis as he continued to thrust. It felt so amazing that we probably both could have come straight away, but we held back not wanting it to end.

While he was pushing into me hard, he pulled my upper body towards him with an arm wrapped around my chest; with my head close to his, he kissed my neck and bit my shoulder roughly. I was so turned on that I could barely catch my breath. When I turned round to face him, I balanced my arms on the ledge and put my feet up on the bed and a chair. I was quite impressed at my use of the furniture! From this angle, he could get deep inside me right up close to my face. He kissed me hungrily as I titled my hips for him, sliding his dick in and out of my pussy.

Next I was on the bed on my back, legs open for him. He stood bent over the edge and watched me touch myself while he was inside me, bringing me to a climax that lasted longer than should be allowed! I finished him off with a blow job that made him swear and groan and blaspheme. After he exploded into my mouth, I collapsed onto the bed and lay there panting with him. Incredible.

We both slept solidly for the next few hours, but before he left he woke me gently for one last screw. Spooning me from behind, he rubbed me until I was wet (which didn't take long with the memory of last night) and slowly slid into me. It was delicious.

Brooke x

P.S - Yes, of course it was 'the favourite'...


  1. Wow...very nice :) It got me all excited hehe *blush*

    Sexy Sadie

  2. Good to hear Sadie ;) it was even worth getting this bruised rib from the window sill! x