Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Almost Human

All of my longest ever hangovers seem be as a result of visiting Brighton. There's something about that city that makes me a bit reckless... will I ever learn my lesson? Still suffering a bit today.

I think I must have been dreaming about sex last night. I don't remember it, but I woke up hot with my heart hammering, and my natural instinct was to touch myself quickly. I was already wet (as I suspected), and I managed to make myself come within seconds. It was a relief, and I fell back to sleep again moments afterwards.

I've been greatly cheered up this morning by receiving an anonymous bouquet; none of my clients know my home address so it must be from someone I know. Exciting! However lavish your lifestyle is, flowers from a secret admirer will always make a girl's day. Take note boys - they're not only for when you're in the dog house ; )

Brooke x


  1. It's mixed, pink and white. I do love roses, but any flowers make me smile! x