Friday, 2 July 2010


Phew, that's better. I took my own advice last night and went to bed early, determined not to sleep until I'd come good and hard. I find that having regular orgasms keeps my sex drive high, whereas if I don't see any action for a while I tend to lose interest. It seems quite different to how men work, who appear to get more horny the longer they abstain. I think I've had the equivalent to a wet dream in the past; I know that I'd been dreaming about sex, then woke up mid orgasm as my hand shot south of its own accord. Perhaps that's my body's way of telling me that I need to get some!

I started off gently last night, softly stroking my skin and caressing my breasts. I tried to use my trusty imagination, but just couldn't make myself wet. In another attempt, I pulled my laptop onto my lap and found some porn sites, watching supple young women get banged as hard as they could take. As my fingers stroked my pussy, I realised that these graphic images were working and my juices started flowing. It wasn't long then until I felt those familiar waves rippling through my body, and I picked up speed on my clit until the climax hit me. It lasted a long time, as if my body didn't want to come down from that peak.

After turning off the computer and settling down into bed, my pussy was still clenching in a steady rhythm. My mind drifted off to that favourite client of mine, and I imagined him in my doorway with a filthy look in his dark brown eyes. Pretending my fingers were his, I set to work again and kept the mental picture of him pressed against me firmly in my head. Orgasm number two was even better, one of those slow, steady build ups that could last all night if I wasn't so impatient.

I'm feeling quite satisfied today, looking forward to my booking tonight. Making myself feel like a vixen always makes me a better escort, more real.

Enjoy your weekend,

Brooke x

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  1. "It seems quite different to how men work, who appear to get more horny the longer they abstain."

    This isn't quite true for me. Its true that the longer I abstain the hornier I get. However the less I masturbate, the less horny I am on average.
    to put it another way my horniness increases with time since last orgasm, but the rate of increase in horniness increases with the frequency of orgasm.
    So if I jack-off every day and then go two days without orgasm I'm about as horny as if I spent a month having an orgasm a week and then go a week without orgasm.
    Or to put it in an equation:
    H = k * O * T
    H = horniness
    O = orgasms per week
    T = time since last orgasm
    k = a constant

    (Do I need to get out more?)