Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Shy Boy

What an eventful bank holiday weekend! I only did one appointment and spent the rest of my time with one of my best girls from back home, so great to see her.

Friday night I gave the birthday boy his treat; he was so cute, like an over excited puppy. He was just as good looking as his photos - not smouldering gorgeous, but fresh faced with a lovely smile. I now believe that it was his first time with a girl like me, and from the time he had I don't think it'll be the last!

We met at a bar in the West End. He was already there when I arrived, and I saw him down a short before he spotted me. Calming the nerves. I smiled widely as he clocked me, and his reciprocating grin didn't wane until I had him on his back with his trousers down (then a different kind of blissful expression). I barely had to do any talking initially; he chattered away nervously, barely breaking for breath. When I thought he deserved a break, I put my hand on his thigh and planted a gentle kiss on the side of his neck. This instantly quietened him, and after that the conversation was easier and the drinks went down more slowly.

There was an interesting contrast between him being desperate to get back to his room and making excuses to procrastinate further; it was very sweet. I eventually made the decision for him and took his hand to lead him out of the bar. It was a short walk back to the hotel, and during this time silence finally got the better of him.

I knew that the rest was up to me now. I undressed him, sat him on the edge of the bed and climbed onto his lap, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him tenderly. (I could tell that he wanted me to act like a lover, not like a hooker. That would have terrified him.) As I straddled him, I lifted my dress over my head and wriggled until I could feel his erection pressing against the fine silk between my legs. I rubbed against it as I kissed him more, pushing him back until he was lying flat (cue the blissful expression). Soon I could feel my own wetness saturate the fabric and I knew it was time to give him what he had been dying for. I was eager to feel it too; his cock was thick and hard, I knew that it was going to fill me up completely. The final garments discarded, I lowered myself onto him slowly, pushing down lower until he was all the way in. I never broke eye contact - I thought that if I gave him the chance to look away, he might be too nervous to look back and would miss his birthday show.

That first time was quite quick, which I was already prepared for. To be honest, I would have been a little offended if it wasn't, considering the circumstances! I dismissed his apologies and told him that we were going to have one more slow drink listening to the Cure before I let him fuck me again, really hard this time. His confidence had built up by round 2, and he did himself proud.

I'm glad that I decided to meet a new client. He probably can't afford to be a regular, but meeting this sweetheart every few months will be my pleasure.

Brooke x


  1. What a lucky guy!
    This reminds me of my first time with an escort lady. :)
    At that time I was a little shy, so she had to take the lead (just like you) ;) .

  2. I totally relate to this I had a similar experience with a escort on my first time.