Friday, 18 June 2010


Well I didn't get any shower sex last night, but I did get a lovely dinner with a view of the Thames. I love being treated like a lady (or like a Princess)! The problem is, I think I have to stop seeing that client. He's always been wonderful to me, but now he has grown too attached to me - the opposite problem to what I have with my favourite client!

This man has been seeing me on a fairly regular basis for just over a year. He's nice looking, chivalrous, has more houses than I can count and would certainly look after me; in fact he'd probably spoil me rotten. Last night he confessed that he didn't just want to be my client any more, he wanted to be with me.

I should have seen this coming - he was way more besotted than my other clients. That's the problem with being an escort; you're paid to become their perfect woman, but then they think you are the perfect woman. He doesn't realise that what he sees is only one side of me, the side he wants to see!

I told him straight that we could never be together, but he still wants to see me and swears he won't proposition me again. I think it would be cruel of me to carry on, just in case he holds out false hope and tries to secretly win me over. I've been in his shoes before (sort of), thinking that if they just spend a bit more time with me then they might change their mind. My advice to him would be "stop kidding yourself mister; have some self respect and don't let yourself be a fool". If only I could follow my own advice.

Brooke x

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