Thursday, 10 June 2010


My appetite seems to be insatiable this week. I wish I could say it was sexually, but unfortunately it's just food that I can't get enough of. I'm pretty certain that I'm not pregnant and I don't have tape worm... what's going on?!

On a more embarrassing note, I'm pretty sure my flatmate heard me using my vibrator this morning. I was so sure that they had both left - I heard the front door close twice! I then walked around naked for a bit, back to my room and found my favourite toy. It wasn't until I heard a hair dryer from the next room that I realised I wasn't alone. She knows what I do so wouldn't be surprised that I have a high sex drive, but I don't want her hearing it first hand! Ah well, worse things could happen.

I have a client who has expressed an interest in toys - I wonder what I should take for him to play with?

Brooke x

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  1. Oh, toys are a wonderful supplement, enrichment, when it comes to it.
    I love to pamper a women with some toys. Not all toys correspond to my taste, but there are a few interresting toys I prefer.
    I would suggest you take some of your favourite toys and a few others to such a date.