Thursday, 27 May 2010

Shopping Spree

Ah, Westfield. How I adore you. I went shopping by myself yesterday, which I sometime prefer because there's nobody to hold me back. Of course, a muscular Adonis walking 2 metres behind me to carry my bags would have been ideal, but you can't have it all. I had a bit of cash to burn so decided to jump on this nautical trend and bulk out my wardrobe; I already had a few key pieces as I've always loved the style, but now it's dominating my summer style!

A trip to MAC means that my nails will be all sorts of fabulous colours over the next weeks, bang on trend. How I love being a girl : )

Sorry male readers, that was probably very boring for you. I really felt it was worth mentioning though, as shopping is practically as good as sex! My pupils dilate, heart beats faster, skin gets warm and a glow spreads from my head to my toes... familiar symptoms!

Brooke x

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