Thursday, 1 April 2010


Mmmm, delicious meal last night. The restaurant looked nice enough, but when they took us downstairs it was even better - I didn't know that place had a downstairs!

The client was a man I'd only seen once before, quite a few months back. He's a nice enough chap, but kind of dull... I found it took more effort than usual to work my magic. I suspected he'd had some bad news or something but didn't want to talk about it, so maybe he's usually a bundle of fun. Mustn't judge.

I love London, but I can appreciate that this city can take it's toll, especially if you have a high powered job that leaves you working 14 hour days. I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to do something so flexible (no pun intended), something I usually really enjoy. Remind me of that if I'm ever feeling low!

Today I'm enjoying a break from the rain, and looking forwards to the party at one of my favourite private clubs. Bring it on!

Brooke x

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