Friday, 26 March 2010


Oh my. Last night was everything I hoped it would be; it felt more like I was acting out my fantasy than his. I wish I could have captured the look on his face when he first saw me; my tight shirt was unbuttoned just enough for him to see a glimpse of my pinstripe bra (hope you're impressed with my attention to detail), giving him an eyeful of generous cleavage. The slit in my already short skirt gave away the fact that I was wearing suspenders, flashing the top of my black stockings.

My pristine perfection didn't last very long after he grabbed me, kissing me fast and furiously. I pushed him back against the wall and pressed my hips into him, feeling his hard erection ready for me. In those first 10 minutes we did a pretty good round of the room, making use of the walls, the chair and the bed. He yanked up my skirt and buried his tongue into my pussy - I was already wet with excitement. By this point my sexy secretary outfit was all messed up along with my hair, but I could tell it still looked damn hot.

He first entered me on the bed, lying on top of me with my legs up against his shoulders. I love it like that, it lets his cock go really deep inside me. I could've stayed right there, but knew there was something else we should do; rolling him off, I walked carefully in my sky scraper heels over to the desk and bent over for him. The mirror there gave us both a great view of my exposed cleavage. He ran his hands over my stockings and up to my arse, before pushing himself inside me again and thrusting hard into me. Our skin was slapping loudly against each other's, our bodies both damp with sweat. When I could feel him getting close, I dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth and looked up at him over my naughty little glasses. I sucked him to climax, then closed my eyes to let him come all over my face. It covered my lips and cheeks with some dripping down onto my breasts, and I licked up all I could reach.

We had some drinks and played some music before round two which was much more slow and sensual; he did exactly what I told him and brought me to a multiple orgasm - four times while he was inside me. I rubbed my clit as I controlled how fast and deep he went, and by the time we drifted off to sleep it was already the early hours of the morning.

I'd do it all again tonight if I could.

Brooke x

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