Thursday, 25 March 2010


Ooh, I'm excited about tonight! My client has asked me to dress up as a secretary and keep up the role play throughout. That's one of my favourite things! I have my outfit ready; a tight black pinstripe skirt, white shirt over a black push up bra (I always make sure the shirt is cheap so that it can be ripped off, buttons and all). I'll wear my hair up with naughty little glasses, and seamed stockings and suspenders with positively slutty heels.

He has already described to me how he wants to bend me over the desk and take me hard from behind, and to be honest with you I can't wait! I'm really in the mood for it; escaping reality for the night to be somebody else. I love being me, but there is a certain thrill about it.

I'm sure I'll have some more juicy details for you tomorrow, so stay tuned ;-)

Brooke x


  1. Wow,thats hot.
    It stirs up memories of the company secretary at a courier company I worked at named Rebecca-unbelievable curvy body on her,great outfits.
    Careful Brooke,all this dirty talk is getting me off so much I feel a bit odd not paying you for the privilege!
    You may have to start charging me!
    Hookers I frequent do not get me off via email!
    Now,if you'll excuse me,I have to go find some secretary porn to jerk off to...



  2. I won't start charging readers, just be grateful for the privilege ;-)

    Secretary's always my been my personal favourite dress up, so hopefully tonight will be a lot of fun. Hope you found some good porn x