Monday, 1 March 2010

What a Lot of Sex

I know I've done a few erotic posts lately, but I can't seem to help myself at the moment! Believe it or not, my sex drive isn't permanently sky high; it tends to fluctuate. Sometimes I won't be very horny for a couple of weeks, and other times I'm absolutely insatiable - like now for example.

I just don't understand young married couples who only have sex once a month. I'd like to know how quickly their sex life died out, and how often they masturbate now. It seems too common, so sad! I've heard that the more women have sex, the more they want it... that must explain me :-)

I was with the same young man last night as I'd seen last Sunday. He's quite aware of the effect he has on me; we make out like teenagers for a good hour before going any further. I love his lips - they're so soft, and he gives just the right amount of tongue. We first got frisky around midnight after watching a film together, then had a few hours of disjointed sleep. Around 6am I had him again in the pitch black darkness, feeling my way along his body and pressing my naked torso against him. I came close to coming that time but we finished before I was quite there, leaving me hungry for more. We slept for another 2 hours, when I dreamed of various illicit encounters and woke up soaking wet. He was probably really tired and would certainly be late for work, but like the gentleman that he is he finished me off, bringing me gently to a multiple orgasm with his fingers. I worked on him with my hand at the same time, and he finished off by ejaculating all over my breasts. I think he was quite surprised that he had any left in him!

This client is a new one, but I would be delighted for him to become a regular. Yum.

Brooke x

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