Friday, 26 February 2010

Drunken Date

Hehe, good old J. He had been at a business meeting all afternoon that turned into a few drinks... by the time I arrived he was rather tipsy! I don't usually like clients getting too drunk. They can act unpredictably, get aggressive, or just not be able to get it up. But I've known J for almost a year and feel perfectly safe around him - we've been pretty smashed together on occasion!

J is always a happy drunk; the worst that could happen is that he'd fall asleep and I'd amuse myself for the rest of the night watching Comedy Central. As it happens, he didn't fall asleep immediately. He ordered another bottle of red to take up to the room and grabbed me by the hand to drag me up there. There was something childish about the excitable way he pulled me along, kind of cute for a 50 year old. He's a big believer that you're only as old as the woman you feel...

He doesn't have much time for kisses on the lips. This is no GFE - he sees it for what it is, and he worships my body. My first kiss was on the collar bone, then down my chest as he eased my strapless dress down over my breasts. The concentrated there for a while before slowly turning me round on the spot to take my zip down slowly. He turned me again and pulled it all the way down, leaving me only in my white lace French knickers. I know they're his favourite. His eyes looked like a kid unwrapping a present on Christmas day, it was quite heart warming!

As I hoped, J was in a generous mood and set his tongue to work in between my legs, burying his face in my pussy. He was still fully clothed at this point, but I could make out his erection straining through his trousers. By the time he decided he was ready for me I was certainly ready for him, no lube required. The sex was quick but nice; he held one of my legs up as I laid on my back, and he never once looked me in the eyes. I guessed his favourite view was watching my breasts bounce as he thrust in and out of me.

He was asleep pretty soon after that. I found the remote and settled in for the night.

Brooke x


  1. He never once looked you in the eye? I wonder if he has a name for each of your boobs. Wonderful way you cater for different needs, Brooke!

  2. There was eye contact before and after, but none during the act. I have lovely eyes too! Perhaps he was imagining me to be Angelina Jolie... I couldn't blame him for that! x

  3. White lace...mmmmm a favorite of mine as well.
    So this was a "work date" not a personal date? I would hope that on a personal date the bloke would have the courtesy to look you in the eyes. :-)

    Nice recount of the events, I really like your style. Looking forward to your next installment!


  4. A work date indeed - I don't seem to have the time for personal dates at the moment! x