Friday, 5 March 2010

A Great Success

I could tell how well last night went. I'm at a really great stage in my life/career at the moment because I only need to see a handful of clients now, and they're usually regulars (or at least have met me before). That eliminates any risk of me not being their type - I know that these men want me and I know what they want.

I know I've blown my own trumpet a few times about my blowing skills, but I think I exceeded my own expectations last night! I hope he doesn't mind me using direct quotes, but a few words thrown about were "incredible", "perfect" and "wow (x3)". This was all after the initial few minutes of speechlessness! I can't get enough of it, delicious.

This man also found my weak spot, which I would never disclose willingly. If a man kisses me here, I'm completely at his mercy and would probably agree to anything - it's ridiculous! As I don't meet with my blog readers I suppose it's safe to tell you: the area at the back of my neck at top of my shoulders. Having it kissed, licked, blown on... it turns me to jelly! He must've been able to tell the effect it had on me, I can act but I can't stop my body from responding. It was heaven.

Excited about the weekend, I have a couple of parties in town. Maybe you'll see me, but you'll never know!


Brooke x

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