Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Bad Girl

In contrast to yesterday's post, I feel like I'm being a bad girl at the moment, and not in a good way. I'm getting too lazy; I haven't been for a proper work out in ages - the last couple of times at the gym I've gone straight to the sauna. I've also made that silly mistake of touching up my bikini line with a razor. Now I'll be stuck in that viscous cycle! I'm quite good with my legs - they're easy to keep on top of with an epilator. But my precious parts should only be waxed or tweezed, otherwise you forfeit that impeccable smoothness. Once you've shaved, you either have to wait until it's long enough to wax again (which could take weeks) or spend the next few days getting neck ache from spending so much time down there with the tweezers. OR you get offered a great booking and give in, shaving again and starting the cycle all over again.

Ohhhh, why did I do it? Pure laziness. Shame on me. I deserve shaving rash.

Brooke x

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