Thursday, 7 January 2010

Slippery Slide

Starting to feel a bit more positive today which is a relief, I just don't suit being grumpy. A lovely impromptu trip to the theatre last night may have contributed to me perking up, I hadn't seen a West End show for ages. I even got to see Anna Friel's naked breasts, what a treat :-)

The taxi ride out of central London this morning was interesting, had a bit of a slide on the ice! I only feared for my life for a fleeting moment... Now preparing myself for a bit of beautification and hoping that I survive the trip home. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't suit being dead either.

Tonight I'm meeting one of the clients who I quite fancy, so looking forward to that. Actually, I haven't been horny all week. My usually high sex drive was somewhat dampened for a while; but the idea of what might be to come later could change that!

Brooke x

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