Friday, 8 January 2010


On my way to meet my client last night, I still wasn't feeling in the mood. He never would have guessed because I play my part so well, but my head wasn't in it. About 20 minutes after meeting him still sipping on my vodka & cranberry, I had to mentally kick myself. I don't just do this job for the money and go through the motions - I enjoy the ride and love to make them adore me! There was no point in me being there if I didn't get some kind of kicks. So I decided there and then to snap out of this ridiculous moping and be the fabulous woman who got me where I am today.

I really am a big believer in positive thinking and determination. 90% of the time it's only yourself holding you back, almost anything's possible. I was living proof of that because just deciding to change my mind set brought out my spark and I ended up having a great night. He seemed to warm up more once I did, and it must've made me irresistible because minutes later he picked me up and threw me back on the bed (in a nice way). The sex was quite fast and frantic; he kissed me clumsily and roamed under my skirt with one of his hands. He paused momentarily to feel my warm pussy through the silk of my knickers, then yanked those down to my knees. He seemed torn between undressing me and just concentrating on making me wet; his fingers felt good stroking my clit. He made his mind up and took off all my clothes first, then his own. I liked his broad shoulders and thick forearms.

Feeling him inside me was a sweet relief. Although I had only felt glum for a week or so, it was so good to remember how much I love sex and how good it can make you feel. You get so engrossed in the act that everything else melts away, and you forget all the shit going on in your life. Even after it was all over, I still felt buzzing. I slept much better last night and had orgasmic dreams.

Brooke x


  1. You really are so very good at your job, Brooke. There ought to be a 'tart of the year' prize for you to enter. There can't be many better than you.

  2. Hehe, thank you GB. My only recognition at the moment is a Christmas card that remains on my window sill, reading 'Merry Christmas you big tart'. Not from a client, sadly... x