Friday, 22 January 2010

Girl on Girl

My client called yesterday afternoon apologising profusely for the short notice, but wondered if I might know another young lady who might accompany that evening. I only know a couple of girls in this industry, and they're still working at an agency so wouldn't have been able to get the night off. Lara's out of town, which is a shame because she's smoking hot!

Thought I'd try my luck with an old friend; she actually knows me better than most and has always viewed my career with an open mind, but never tried it herself. She has worked in some classy strip clubs and adores sex, so I suggested the idea to her (my client is not bad looking, very gentlemanly, so I knew he would treat us well). To my surprise she was very eager! And so the date went ahead, two of us and one of him. Lucky sod ;-)

I actually really enjoyed having the company of a friend there. Serena is one of the only girls I've ever been jealous of; she's stunning, and the complete opposite to me. Tall and svelte like a supermodel, she's half Italian and passionately fiery. I'm petite and curvy, more of a burlesque look. I do believe me made quite a thrilling combination, the client was delighted!

It wasn't strange at all being with Serena. We've kissed on a number of occasions and have seen each other naked when getting ready for a night out; it all seemed very natural and we understood each other perfectly. It must be some men's fantasy, to effectively be in the middle of a girly sleepover! With a twist of course... He didn't quite know whether to get involved or just watch, his hand kept wondering south to play with himself as we teased him with our double act.

I might make it more of a regular thing; Serena said she wouldn't be joining an escort agency any time soon, but that she'd love to come out with me again. I would definitely love her to come again!

Brooke x

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