Monday, 30 November 2009


I don't like this! I was nearly blown over on the way to the gym, my umbrella kept trying to escape. It was a two hand job.

Friday night almost fell through at the last minute but I managed to make it happen with a bit of juggling and reorganising. So glad I did, I had a great time! The party was full of colourful characters, and my interaction with the client was mainly the odd wink across the room. A couple of men did try it on, but I never pick up new clients on a date - that's just rude. Although, when I was younger I once gave my number to a guy I saw while on a date... I was discreet though!

By the time we got back to his hotel room, we had the stranger fantasy down to a T. He pretended that he hadn't hired me and we just spotted each other earlier; he wasn't the most well endowed man I've been with but he was very attentive and had remarkably skilled fingers. He made me come before he'd even taken his trousers off!

I'm packing today for a long distance appointment tomorrow. I don't particularly suit the countryside, but he's promised me 2 days of spa treatments and a luxury suite, so I couldn't refuse, Mini break!

Brooke x

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