Monday, 26 October 2009

Wild Weekend

Wow, what a crazy weekend. I had a big party, and somehow we managed to go on until 7am Sunday morning! Thank the heavens for the clocks going back, don't think I could've coped otherwise.

And guess what? I bedded the barman! I know it probably wasn't sensible and I know I could end up getting hurt, but it was so worth it. He was incredible; we had sex 3 times and he made me come every time. He loved going down on me, really couldn't get enough of it. I had to be quite rough with him to pull him back up to fuck me; he must've known exactly what he was doing because I was practically begging for it by the time he pushed his cock inside me. It felt good to have the tables turned for once - me in awe of him instead of the other way round.

He's gone back to Bournemouth now but we're going to do something on Halloween; I plan to be wearing a very sexy little outfit with easy access. Naughty :-)

Hope your weekend was as eventful as mine,

Brooke x

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