Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Same Old

Ahhh, I really wanted something interesting to tell you today. I wanted to describe the sex in meticulous detail, describing how we were swinging from the chandeliers and shagging all night. But I'm afraid it was pretty mundane, just a missionary, monotonous fuck. I couldn't even arouse myself by thinking about the barman, and I couldn't be bothered to masturbate when I got home.

It annoys me when it's that boring, because it's my job to show them the time of their lives, and surely if I'm that bored then they must be too? He seemed happy enough, and wasn't game for spicing things up at all. He must just be of that 'safe' generation.

Hey ho,

Brooke x


  1. Sorry the sex was boring.
    Do you ever travel to the US?

  2. Not very often Ron, I'm mostly a London girl. Think I could light up Florida though... x