Friday, 16 October 2009


Most of my clients are quite middle of the road; safe, normal. Their idea of kinky sex is being tied to the bed post or a bit of light spanking. Because I've never specialised in any particular hardcore area, I don't get many requests for it. I've done plenty of mild BDSM in my time and even water sports (though I can't say that does it for me). I draw the line at hard sports and asphyxiation, but I'm up for trying most things.

The guy I saw last night had met me once before; although the sex was straight that time, I could tell that he was holding back. I tried to coax out of him what he wanted, but he refused to tell me. This time he was a bit more confident (I suspect a whiskey or two may have had something to do with that).

I wasn't at all shocked by his first revelation. He was just into burusera; it's a Japanese term for a fetish of sniffing panties. I guess you wouldn't confide this to your boss, but most escorts would not be at all phased by something like this. Luckily I was wearing some on this occasion, but I wish he would've told me in advance so I could've worn them all day. It would've heightened his pleasure - he explained to me that he prefers a stronger odour. Nice. Anyway, that kept him occupied for a good 20 minutes, and he paid me an extra £100 to keep the panties. He stashed them in his coat pocket and said nothing more about it.

The sex started off normally; he massaged my breasts, rubbed his swollen cock across my smooth thighs and squeezed my buttocks. I thought something was a bit strange when he kept pushing me gently back on the bed when I tried to move and kept putting my arms down by my side. Thinking he just liked his women submissive, I played along and let him position me however he wanted, loose like a doll.

I was lying on my back with my arms and legs splayed out, head to one side. "Keep your eyes closed" he demanded. Sure, no problem. I started to moan as he played with my body and felt my pussy. "Shhh, be quiet". Ooo-kay, most guys like a bit of noise but the customer's always right. He pulled my legs wider apart and pushed his cock inside me. As he began to thrust my breathing got heaver. "Pretend you're dead" he ordered. Now that's a bit odd.

I played along and let him finish his business, with me silent and motionless throughout. I didn't question his requests, but he still seemed sheepish afterwards and felt the need to explain himself. It turns out that he's basically into necrophilia, but the fetish isn't severe enough for him to actually kill anyone (thank God).

I wonder if he's ever stolen the panties from a corpse? I guess I'll never know...

Brooke x


  1. Good to hear that some men like the panty odour, I'm always so conscious of it when I think it's too strong.
    But the necrophilia... uhhh.... creepy

  2. Did you know that in Japan there are actually vending machines with used panties? Must be quite a popular turn on! x

  3. In Japan this method of having sex is more the norm than we're led to otherwise believe. In Japan the women have to "be tuna" i.e. completely silent and still, as if they were dead.

    (parts 1 and 2 of the article on there)

    So, if you get him again... just lie COMPLETELY still, shut your eyes and he'll be in seventh heaven!!

    Apparently in Japan if a guy asks you to have a shower it means he wants to have sex with you - they won't have sex unless a shower has been performed first ! :)

    I find sexual ritual totally fascinating!

    p.s. Does he want my underwear too? I estimate my dirty laundry is worth around £1500 at the moment.......... ;p

  4. As a teenager I use to sniff my sisters underwear and later started wearing them. Now as an adult I still wear ladies underwear from time to time but gave up the sniffing.

    I wonder how an affinity for necrophilia starts?

  5. I can't blame you for wanting to wear women's underwear WoodRunner, it can make you feel a million dollars.

    As for necrophilia, I guess they would need to do some psychological research into that - I wouldn't like to hazard a guess... x