Friday, 21 August 2009

Personal Trainer

Ooh, I have a new personal trainer and he's pretty damn hot! That's a good incentive to drag myself out of bed in the mornings and down to the gym...

I'm happy it's Friday, feeling a bit bouncey!

Brooke x

P.S - There's a strange breast enlarging syndrome going round; last week my flatmate's ballooned, and lately mine have gone from a C to a D cup with no weight gain anywhere else on my body. Score!


  1. Oh! I wish this mysterious breast enlarging syndrome would come my way. I am merely an A and I would like nothing else than to be a B. I missed out in the boob department...

  2. Thats not you is it? If it is, WOW. A bit late for HNT though. More please.

  3. I shall send some breast enlarging vibes your way, think big! If that doesn't work, gel bras are wondrous. And if you don't like those, just think yourself lucky that you can pull off cat walk clothes ;-)

    I'm afraid that this is merely a representation of my current case; you don't get to see my fabulous breasts for free! x