Thursday, 20 August 2009


I had some amazing sex last night, the full works. We had four hours so there was no hurry; first we ordered some food up to the room, and I wasn't too shy to eat in front of him as the gym session earlier had left me ravenous. Then we both had a shower to get squeaky clean, and I then obliged him with a long sensual massage using the oils he had bought especially. He absolutely insisted on returning the favour, which was fine by me! After he had relaxed all my muscles, he flipped me over and opened my legs, planting a trail of kisses down my stomach and inside my thighs. He was very talented with his tongue, flicking it against my clit and dipping it into my pussy. Of course, I insisted on returning the favour and sucked him off slow and hard.

By the time he put his cock inside me, we were both completely ready for it. He teased me a couple of times by pulling it out, but then he succumbed and fucked me fast until we were both sweating. This guy really knew what he was doing, I was well impressed.

Sometimes, my job is bloody awesome!

Brooke x

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  1. Ahhhh... sounds like bliss. Entries like this and I think you have the best job. Ever.