Monday, 18 May 2009


I'm fairly confident that Josh has forgiven me for missing lunch with him yesterday. I knew that I needed to do something hot to make him forget all about it, so I went for the classic: trench coat, high heels, nothing else. He was literally speechless! I felt so naughty when I was in the back of the cab on my way there. I could see the driver eyeing me up in the rear view mirror - if only he knew!

As Josh opened his front door I took 3 steps forward, forcing him to take 3 back. I closed the door behind me and fixed his stare. I untied the belt of my coat, and opened it wide. I wish you could've seen his face! I don't get quite the same reaction from clients, they're usually expecting things like that. But as far as Josh knows, I'm just a sweet city girl. If only he knew.

Apart from the odd bit of blasphemy, Josh didn't speak a word until it was over. I lead him into the kitchen (still in the coat), hopped up onto the table and opened my legs for him. As he stood there fully clothed, he stroked my thighs and gently moved his fingers higher to caress my pussy. Seeing my head tilt back, my breath escape me and my chest rise, his patience deserted him and he frantically pulled off his trousers and leaned over to fuck me. I held onto the edge of the table to stop myself sliding backwards, and my knuckles hurt from resisting the pressure of his thrusts. It was hot.

Afterwards, we had a bath & a cup of tea, and I spent the night cuddled up to him. I think I can safely call him my boyfriend now, yay!

Still smiling,

Brooke x

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  1. Good for you. Glad to hear you are feeling better.