Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Feeling good

Apart from a little rain damaging my perfectly set curls, I'm feeling pretty good today. A lovely cup of tea to start off the day, and hot pink nails to see me through it. Call me shallow, but a bright colour can really cheer me up! I mean, have you ever seen Barbie with a frown on her face??

I had a shopping splurge on the internet last night, got myself some new underwear. It always makes you feel great to be wearing something beautiful and silky underneath. If I get bored at the gym, I can always just lean forward a bit and let the silk slip against me while I fantasise about Edward from Twilight. He can bite my neck anytime. Mmmm.


  1. Silk? In the gym? Damn, what gym do you go to? Shit, getting carried away here. After all, you never said anything aboout exhibitionism.

  2. The silk panties are covered by my tracksuit bottoms! I'm pretty good at being discreet... x